C&I Feasibility Package

Thinking energy storage for your business or project?

Make a hard decision easy.

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Built by professional engineers and available on-demand, anywhere, anytime.

Get the best energy storage expertise based on PhD qualified scientists and engineers, with data from suppliers, so that you can increase your options and de-risk your project.

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Feeling the energy crisis? You're not alone.

The move from fossil-based energy to renewable energy will be one of humanity's biggest challenges. We need the energy transition, but it isn't going to be easy.

Change creates uncertainty, and uncertainty creates risk.  As you move your business or projects forward, you need to know when energy storage is right for you so you can de-risk and survive.

Get the right answer, faster than you ever expected, from world-class experts.

We make the complex, simple. We make the comprehensive, concise.

$/kWh comparison

Want a straight answer? We compare all energy storage systems the same, so you get an dependable answer in $/kWh so you can compare your alternatives.

Costs and benefits

Yes, energy storage is expensive but it provides financial benefits. You need to analyse both to make the right decision.

Size optimisation

Sizing generation, storage and other fossil fuel generators is a big simulation. Don'tr try this on a spreadsheet. We use cloud computing to crunch the numbersfor you.

Fossil fuel backup

We all want to reduce emissions, but sometimes the $ don't stack up and you need some fossil fuel back for rare events. We analyse that too.

Capital cost estimates

Want a cost estimate for capital expenditure? Our database coveres solar and 6 types of energy storage system available today.

Emission reduction

Demonstrating net-zero compliance? We estimate the emissions reduction from a renewable energy system so you can see your good impact on the planet.

Compare storage tech

Energy storage tech are numerous and evolving. The commercial and technical parameters of each are different. We have simplified the it for you.

Estimate cashflow and ROI

Doing the right thing for the planet also means doing the right thing for your bottom line. Stay in business, and contribute to the energy transition.

C&I Feasibility Package

Get what you need when you need it.

  • Consultation

  • Report

  • Presentation

  • Revisions

  • Platform

Not sure what you need? Don't worry. We're here to help.

Making hard decisions means asking the right questions. With so much change and so many options, things get overwhelming. We help you simplify, make assumptions, and move forward.

You don't just need expert advice, you need to share it with key stakeholders.

Our packages are ready to share with your key stakeholders for finance, approvals and other enquiries to get your project moving. You'll get answers and the confidence to share them with others.

Who doesn't love a slide deck? Not everyone, but that doesn't mean we don't need them.

You don't need to prepare new slides, we deliver that too. Just add your branding and you've got a presentation that aligns perfectly with your report.

Projects change constantly, and we respond fast when they do.

Making revisions is easy with BatNav. No more propagating small changes through packages of documents. Automated and fast. That's the way we like it.

Your business is booming, and you need help on-demand.

When you just can't work fast enough to meet customer demand, the BatNav platform is what you need. With training and support, meet your needs faster, better and cheaper than you ever thought possible.


Siemens just wanted reliable data and analysis to make a decision on energy storage and move forward.


In less than 5 days, BatNav delivered a professional feasibility study that answered Siemen's questions and gave them confidence to decide.


Siemen's save tens of thousands compared to using other consultants, and months compared to doing the work themselves.