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Thinking energy storage for your business or project?

Make a hard decision easy.

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We don't sell batteries. We help you find the right energy storage solution for your business or project.


Because we are independent, we are trusted by Buyers to get the right solution and Sellers to get the right Buyers.


We know energy storage and how it works. Our team has decades of experience with PhD qualified experts.

Energy Storage Suppliers webinar series


Renewables need storage

The energy transition is moving fast. Renewables are cheaper than fossil fuels - yet storage is needed to maintain consistent supply.

How do you select the most affordable and reliable energy storage solution? Batteries and energy storage are a significant investment; you want to make the right choice. Faced with a wide range of choices in a market that is rapidly evolving, BatNav becomes your energy expert on demand.

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You need expertise

We clarify your requirements

Project managers and engineers are faced with many, evolving technologies. We cut through the complexity and keep it simple.

We evaluate the technologies

The energy transition will need all types of energy storage, but how can you compare so many diverse technologies? Don't. That's what we do.

We generate your deliverables

And even when you know what you need, getting engineers to deliver quality services on time and within budget is a challenge.

We assure the performance and reliability

We know how to get the best from contractors and suppliers so you get what you need and so do they.

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We help you accelerate the energy transition

We know the world changes fast and the energy transition is the biggest challenge for humankind since the industrial revolution. Your projects will change the world for the better.

Energy storage projects have real risks and you need to manage them with confidence.

With expertise in current, emerging and evolving technologies in energy storage, we are here to help you navigate the energy transition with lower risk, cost and duration.


Energy transition leaders


Your projects have tight budgets and deadlines. Ensuring you get the right battery at the right time creates risk for you and your client. You need an expert.


Staying across numerous, emerging and evolving technologies takes time. Your business needs billable hours. Outsource the expertise and save time and money.


You want the best outcome, independent advice and a strategic perspective. We help you evaluate the options and find the best suppliers.

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We help you find the best energy storage solution


We collect the data on numerous systems, do the analysis and make the decision simple for even the most pedantic CFO.


Plug and play? Not always. You have regulations and the laws of physics to deal with. Our experts handle that.


You want to compare technologies equally and make the right choice. Our knowledge ensures you ask the right questions so you can compare and decide.


Got questions about batteries and energy storage? We have the answers.

How do I start?

Depending on your needs, we can work with you on a single project or multiple ongoing projects. Contact us and let's get started.

How do you deliver on demand, anywhere, anytime?

We know the frustrations of working with consultants that deliver late and charge high. Our software-as-a-service platform provides equivalent services, faster than ever before, and is available 24/7.

Do you sell batteries and energy storage?

Nope. That's not what we do. We help you find the best solution for your project or business. The energy transition will rely on abundant, accessible energy storage. We know that every energy storage technology has an application, and we want to ensure that we connect each technology with an end user. That's our role in the energy transition.